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We have started ERASMUS+ project European Voluntary Service. We have new people in our Wertep team: Marion from France, Olesia and Stas from Ukraine. They will be with us for one year. Everyone are very excited and ready for work and having fun in Poland.

Here you can read some info about our volunteers and see some photos in gallery.

Dzien Dobry / Hello / Bonjour à tous!
Let’s start this article by a short presentation. My name is Marion, I’m coming from a little village in France called Les Rousses, in the mountains of Jura. It’s located near the Swiss border, and actually I have the both nationalities. I’ll stay in Hajnowka for one year, as a european volunteer, and I’m very excited to start this adventure with the A3Teater.
Marions’ blog: marionbrand.tumblr.com

Dzien Dobry! HI! ПРИВІТ!
Hello everyone! My name is Olesia and I am an actress from Ukraine. I have a great opportunity this year to participate in European Voluntary Service (EVS) IN A3THEATER in Poland in the city named Hajnowka. And this project will be last for 12 months.
My first impression was like: what? the polish language is so similar to ukrainian and hard to pronounce at the same time. The people there are very kind. The dishes are almost the same with ukrainian food so I don`t have to get used to them.
There are two more volunteers with me- Stas and a girl from France Marion (now me and Stas have a feeling that we have knew Marion all our life).We are living together, walking and having fun like a big family.

Hello! My name is Stanislav. i came from Ukraine. I engaged in theatrical activities, and thanks to this profession I learned about the volunteer program EVS which takes place in Poland in the city Hajnowka in A3Theatre. I am very pleased to participate in this unusual project because it gives the opportunity to learn the culture of Poland its life and theatrical traditions and I am happy to share the cultural life of Ukraine.
Hajnowka greeted us very warmly, in this small town is very cozy, I feel like I’ve lived here before. Citizens of the city are very friendly. This is all. What will be next – we’ll see.

fot. Olesia Voitskhovska


My name is Stas Voitsekhovskyi and I am from Odessa,Ukraine. I am an actor-puppeteer. I am here in Hajnowka to do my EVS project with my wife Olesia in A3Theatre. Our tasks in this project are to help A3Theatre with Wertepfestival.

Since our arrival so many things have happened! We’ve been in Bialystok, Warsaw, Poznan, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Policzna. We took part in the show „Sen o nocy letniej”. We were fixing lanterns for this show by ourselves. I was on theatrical workshops as an actor.  Also we lead puppets workshops with kids in the school in Dubiny. All my free time I like to dedicate to creating puppets and scenography for our show for the kids „Snowmans and the sun”. We even translated the text into Polish. Can’t wait to show it to the audience.

In my opinion EVS is the opportunity to get to know another cultures because on the EVS project I’ve met many people not only from Poland. EVS helped me to be tolerant and understanding to new and different cultures. Also it is a chance to work and cooperate with new interesting people. EVS is a great opporunity to realize my ideas in field of another theatrical school and tradition.

fot. Olesia Voitsekhovska


My name is Olesia Voitsekhovska. I am an actress from Odessa, Ukraine. This year I am taking part in EVS in Hajnowka, Poland with my husband Stas.We work as a part of A3Theatre. We are here to help A3Theatre with theatrical festival – Wertepfestival.

I’ve came to Poland in the beginning of October and since that time a lot of things happend.
We were making lanterns for the show „Sen nocy letniej”. And then we took part as actors in „Sen o nocy letnej” on a festival in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. In this two months we have been already in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Warsaw, Bialystok, Poznan and Policzna. I have been on theatrical workshops as an actress. Also we held puppets workshops with kids in school in Dubiny. When we have free time we like to spend it at home-preparing puppets and scenography for our puppet show „Snowmans and the sun”.

For me EVS is a great opportunity to develope my skills, to make new contacts and to be helpful to society (in our case in spreading culture in society). Every day with new tasks on our project I learn something new for myself and fiund more and more sides of EVS and volunteering. I think that EVS can’t be defined with a list of definitions. Only being on EVS you start to understand what is it. And for every person it is something different. Everything depends only on how deep you are into it. And I can say i would like to explore the depths of EVS.

I am very exited about what to expect from the next 10 months of our EVS project!


Hi everyone !

My name is Marion, I’m 23 years old and I come from France. This year I’m taking part in an EVS project, with the association Postcard, of Hajnowka.

My tasks here are very diversified. I’m working on the design for a new scenogaphy, I’m taking theater and step dance classes, I’m learning polish and I’m also interacting with childrens in the schools, to talk a bit about my culture. But those are just some examples of what I’m doing in my everyday life.

Since I’m here, I allready took part in many activites. With the association, we went to Jastrzębie Zdrój and to Poznan. We made represations of a show, we participate in a Parade, in a Ping Pong competition… Otherwise, I also visited Warsaw during the On arrival Training, witch is organised for all the participants of an EVS program.

I’m living with two other volunteers, coming from Ukraine. Together, we discover Poland, by traveling with the association or by visiting the region by our own. During my free time, I try to discover Hajnowka, I go for some walks in the forest or I go to the swiming pool. I really enjoy my free time by developing personnal projets (cooking, drawing, visiting, etc.).

As a vontonteer, I feel a lot of freedom for doing my own staffs. Of course, I have some tasks, but I also have a lot of time for myself and for my ideas. If needed, I can ask the association to support me in the creation of my projects, by giving me some advices or helping me with contacts, for example. I think the EVS program is a perfect occasion to develop my personnal interests and my skills in it.

Premiera spektaklu „Bałwanki”

Premiera spektaklu „Bałwanki”

Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne „Pocztówka”, Wertep Festiwal oraz wolontariusze projektu Wolontariatu Europejskiego programu ERASMUS+ Olesia Voitsekhovska i Stanislav Voitsekhovskyi zapraszają na premierę spektaklu pt. „Bałwanki”. 17 Maja 2016, godz. 10:00 w Hajnowskim Dom...



Nasza wolontariuszka Marion w ramach projektu EVS organizuje wydarzenie z okazji obchodów Dni Kultury Francuskiej i Frankofonii. Zapraszamy na francuski filmowo-muzyczny weekend do Hajnowskiego Domu Kultury 19 - 20.03.2016 (sobota - niedziela) Start: 12:00 WSTĘP...