My name is Olesia Voitsekhovska. I am an actress from Odessa, Ukraine. This year I am taking part in EVS in Hajnowka, Poland with my husband Stas.We work as a part of A3Theatre. We are here to help A3Theatre with theatrical festival – Wertepfestival.

I’ve came to Poland in the beginning of October and since that time a lot of things happend.
We were making lanterns for the show „Sen nocy letniej”. And then we took part as actors in „Sen o nocy letnej” on a festival in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. In this two months we have been already in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Warsaw, Bialystok, Poznan and Policzna. I have been on theatrical workshops as an actress. Also we held puppets workshops with kids in school in Dubiny. When we have free time we like to spend it at home-preparing puppets and scenography for our puppet show „Snowmans and the sun”.

For me EVS is a great opportunity to develope my skills, to make new contacts and to be helpful to society (in our case in spreading culture in society). Every day with new tasks on our project I learn something new for myself and fiund more and more sides of EVS and volunteering. I think that EVS can’t be defined with a list of definitions. Only being on EVS you start to understand what is it. And for every person it is something different. Everything depends only on how deep you are into it. And I can say i would like to explore the depths of EVS.

I am very exited about what to expect from the next 10 months of our EVS project!