“Ja nie mówię po polsku, jestem francuska.” It is my first sentence that I learned in polish!

I am here, in Hajnowka, for one day. So if I learn one sentence by day it will be really cool!

Anyway, as you can see, I’m french. My name is Elisa and I am 24 years old. I studied cultural coordination, mostly for circus and dance project. I have already worked in different associations to organize festival, mainly for street art and circus festival (in France, street art is not only graffiti and hip hop art, it’s also every type of art which takes part in the street. It can be theatre, dance, performance…).

I will stay in A3theatre association for one year with my boyfriend (Charly), who also came for working in the same structure.

I wait with impatience the next meeting, when we will define our tasks! For the moment, I discover with interest every activities proposed by the association. For example, this month, we will participate in manual activities with old people and teenagers, also we will prepare a preview exhibition, we will help with the assembly/disassembly of shows, we will help with a traditional wedding … A great month in prevision!

Furthermore, I discover new cultures, yes I wrote “cultures” with an “S” because my flatmates and co-workers are Ukrainian (they speak Ukrainian and Russian language), Polish and Armenian. It is really enriching and funny. When I go back to France, I will speak English (finally!!) but with a polish or russian or ukrainian accent!