Hello. As you can see on the previous page (yes, you clicked on me, really), my name is Charly.
Just arrived for 7 days, I’m a beginner in A3Theatre association. I came here with my girlfriend (for the moment she is, will see in future, perhaps I’ll have to edit this) through EVS program to take part in festival organisation and to support association more generally. I want to see Zubr also… I never saw Zubr. Moreover, i heard today, that i could see some eagles on top of trees. We are near a forest, i don’t know you but i want to build my own bow ! I’m (for the moment) really dertermined. Maybe in 2 weeks, i would to buy a bow cause i’m not very manual person.

In France, i lived in Toulouse for 2 years before my EVS enrolment. I did studies in cultural development projects (specially dance & circus, live performing arts) and i worked as volunteer in a charity association (nothing to see with religion) to facilitate the access to Culture for people who need help (handicapped persons, poor people, youngs who are underperforming at school…). It was my first time i worked with this audience, in the social & healthcare sector.

I come from Le Mans originally. You may know this city, there is the most famous endurance race called „Les 24h Du Mans” in june. I don’t care about it.

That’s all. Thank you to read this text.
Charly Tamarelle