Dzień dobry! Cześć!

My name is Elena, I’m EVS volunteer from Ukraine. I’m happy to be here, in Hajnówka, to be a part of great team of Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne „Pocztówka” and A3 theatre!

I’m 28 years old, my mother city is Zaporozhye, so I believe in my blood I have spirit of cossacks – great warriors. I have degree in Journalism, sphere of marketing and PR.

My true passion is dollmaking. I love to create little fellows, funny gnomes and borrowers with their own characters and life stories. My dolls are one of a kind collectible interior decorations. To create a doll I’m working with airdry polymer clay and baked in the oven polymer clay, fabrics, paints, wire armature, fur, leather, beads, so on. Dollmaking is amazing kind of art which includes sculpting, sewing, painting and many-many other things I can only imagine. Last year I had personal exhibition in Kiev doll gallery, also I have my own dollmaking courses, where I share with my original technique how to create a doll.

I love different kinds of handmade and handicrafts and I’m looking forward to learn Polish traditional ones. Can’t wait to work with the theater, to develop my skills and to learn new – new materials, technics. I’m so exciting about to take part in creating costumes, masks, decorations, because for me it means possibility to create big, human size doll, which will be moving, talking, living…

Today, when I’m writing this text it became one week since I’m in this project and I can say this week was full of emotions and discovers. We already visited couple Polish villages and took part in different activities, such as workshop about creating paper flowers and creating seeds mandala with teenagers. One of the most memorable activity was to take part in preparing sweets for traditional Polish wedding. I’m happy thanks to this project I have possibility to learn Polish traditions and culture. And I’m very grateful for hospitality of each person we met and of our receiving organization.

There are five of us – volunteers from different countries, with different skills and talents and I’m curious to see what our DREAM TEAM could create together during one year of our EVS project!