I’m Hanna! I’m a musician by education, Belarusian by origin and a seeker of ways of inspiration by vocation 🙂 This year I am taking part in project of EVS. And I think it’s a great luck for me to get exactly this project by A3Teatr here in Hajnówka. Over the few weeks that I’ve been here, I watching with admiration the life of collective. We all act according to our skills, goals and objectives but at the same time everyone is happy to participate in helping others. It’s so cool – to have the opportunity to have unusual duties for oneself, which share with you the same as you, young and inspired people. I discover with interest every activities proposed by the association and so far it seems to me that for the ideas of the creative work of this collective there are no boundaries. We can find here wordless theatr or performances for children, modern choreography and scenography using folk art. Now i am here, so we are trying to find a place for use also the violin. As I said, I am from Belarus and for me is very interesting part about the history, the culture of Poland because it’s a bit part of my culture too. Among the volunteers there are a lot of guys from Ukraine so I hope to fully find and clarify for myself the subtle difference between Belarusian, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian languages, traditions or though kitchens:) We also have French people so I’m hopeful also to improve my French and overmaster the English language.

One of the main events that we are all preparing for and what we are here for is the Wertep Festival. The festival of artistic performances, which has been talked about for many years already. I wait it with impatience because I’m sure that it will be stunningly!