Hello! My name is Oleksandr and I am a volunteer from Ukraine. I came to Poland just one week ago and I’ve already became stronger, wiser and older than I was. Honestly, the first week was hard for me and every day I was tired from a lot of conversations in a foreign language to me, but every morning I felt the power and desire to get better. I live with nice people from France and Armenia, we share our own experiences and help each other. Every day we talk about differencies in our cultures and national dishes. Raise the cliché themes about our country, and I finally believed that the French do not eat frogs for breakfast, and the Armenians do not drink wine instead of water) I got a film education in Ukraine, but now I’m faced with the theater in Poland. I realy like the local approach to theater and its work. I noticed that people want to enjoy everything and even from work. And I hope that I can learn this skill too.