My name is Stas Voitsekhovskyi and I am from Odessa,Ukraine. I am an actor-puppeteer. I am here in Hajnowka to do my EVS project with my wife Olesia in A3Theatre. Our tasks in this project are to help A3Theatre with Wertepfestival.

Since our arrival so many things have happened! We’ve been in Bialystok, Warsaw, Poznan, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Policzna. We took part in the show „Sen o nocy letniej”. We were fixing lanterns for this show by ourselves. I was on theatrical workshops as an actor.  Also we lead puppets workshops with kids in the school in Dubiny. All my free time I like to dedicate to creating puppets and scenography for our show for the kids „Snowmans and the sun”. We even translated the text into Polish. Can’t wait to show it to the audience.

In my opinion EVS is the opportunity to get to know another cultures because on the EVS project I’ve met many people not only from Poland. EVS helped me to be tolerant and understanding to new and different cultures. Also it is a chance to work and cooperate with new interesting people. EVS is a great opporunity to realize my ideas in field of another theatrical school and tradition.